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Jesus-Media - About God and with God


The idea of has come to my mind just to share what I have received:

God again and again gave me joy, strength, courage - in many situations.

He did that in many ways; these are some of them:

  • a song inspired me
  • I read a beautiful text
  • a movie strengthend my faith
  • ...

I want to share what touched my heart, and Norman Rentrop encouraged me to do so, when he spoke about the beginnings of BibelTV in Germany (he received permission to broadcast "The Jesus Movie" for free).

Whenever a great or small work will touch my heart, I'll ask the author or copyright holder for permission to publish it wordwide.

Sure, not everybody will like this idea, but I'm confident, that at least some preachers, song writers etc. will grant permission. Well, I already got permission for two talks, see Christen im Beruf / FGBMFI


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